Clay Target Shooting

Caerwys & District Clay Target Club

Clay Target Shooting

The Caerwys & District Clay Target Club was formed in 1987 and meets at it’s regular shooting ground “Bryn Castell”, Trelogan, mid-way between Holywell and St Asaph, Flintshire, North Wales.

The Club specialises in sporting shooting as we feel that sporting clay targets are not generally available in the North Wales area, rather than D.T.L. targets which are widely available. 

There are approximately 27 club competitions during the year consisting of Sporting, Super Sporting or Compax Sporting. Included in these 27 is an inter-club event at which we compete with another local club, once on their ground and once on ours, the aggregate score determining who will hold the trophy for the coming year.

Ranger - 8

The sporting competitions are either over 100 bird or 50 bird and we also have 2 skeet shoots during the year, currently held at Llandegla G.C.. Within the above we have a 3 shoot 50 bird winter series competition with points given in each of the classes in line with the points system for Grand Prix drivers, which means that a consistent shooter in the lower classes can take home the handsome trophy. We currently have 10 major trophies shoots within the above 27.

The club does not have formal tuition or practice days, but as we have a number of members who shoot for the Clwyd sporting & Skeet teams, they would only be too pleased to help and coach. You may visit us at our shooting ground as a guest 3 times, before making up your mind to join us.

Pictured to the left is a Ranger 8  -  an automatic clay target machine. The target release is remote by radio, and holds 300 to 400 clays, with a throwing distance of 90m plus. The maximum elevation is up to 70 degrees and has a 1.5 second re-cocking time.

Please contact the Secretary  -  Mike Evans (details as below) for further information.

Committee Contact Details


Peter Williams 

Tel; 01492 531896


Mike Evans 

Tel; 01352 720349


Jim Falshaw 

Tel; 01352 720476

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