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Caerwys Bowling Club is situated in the Memorial Institute grounds and has been in existence since the 1920's (see photographs below) 

The Club play in a midweek league with their teams A and B in the 2nd and 5th Divisions. The Club also have two veteran teams who play in Division 1 and Division 4. There is a match every Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon (please come along and support the team - or perhaps join !) 

 Monday evenings are Club nights from 6.00pm. Please contact any of the below Committee Members for further information

Committee and Contact Details


Les Smallwood

Tel; 01352   -   720942


Geraint Roberts

Tel; 01352   -   720739



Steve Chambers

Tel; 01352 720314



Frank Haywood

Tel; 01352 720879 


Caerwys Bowling Green

Information on Crown Green Bowls

The Caerwys Bowling Club play ' Crown Green Bowls ' A Crown Green is a square lawn slightly higher in the middle than at the edges and play is conducted all over the lawn in any direction making for a great deal more variety than the flat green game. Play is almost always singles and each player bowls just two bowls each end. The winner of each turn can play the jack in any direction and at any reasonable distance within the lawn boundary which is a ditch.

Some players are best at bowling across the hump, others along the sloping side, some prefer short distances, others long and so many additional tactical complexities are introduced by the unusual lawn.

Watching the multiple games occurring in all directions at once across a crown green bowling lawn is an spectacular experience worth seeking out. Somehow, the individual games manage to intersect and cross over each other without any adverse consequences.



The club have a weekly ' Lottery Bonus Ball Competition ' Please contact any of the committee members above for further information or to join. All results are advertised in the monthly editions of The Caerwys Chronicle.

Annual Open Day

The Bowling Club Season is usually from the beginning of April to the end of August.Each year the club holds an open day, when everyone is invited to attend to view the facilities, ask any questions, and receive tuition  -  hopefully recruiting new members to the club !!! Look out for the open day information in the Caerwys Chronicle.



The opening of the Bowling Green in 1923

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Crown Green Bowls Beginner's Guide

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Opening of Bowling Club  -  1923

Sir Herbert Lewis - who donated the land
for the Institute and Bowling Green areas

Opening of Bowling Club  -  1923

Rector of Caerwys - Reverend Sinnett Jones