Caerwys Town  -  Coat of Arms

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Caerwys Town  -  Coat of Arms

This web page contains information in respect of the historical aspect, together with the present day Caerwys Town Council. Including details of the elected and co-opted Councillors’  -  sub committees, and contact details for the Town Clerk & Financial Officer


The reorganisation of local government in 1974 saw the end in Wales of Parish Councils and the emergence of new bodies - Community Councils. The Local Government Act, 1972, which was responsible for this re-organisation, also provided Community Councils with the option of resolving to become Town Councils, with the Chairperson being entitled to the status of Town Mayor. At the first meeting of the newly constituted Caerwys Community Council held on the 9th April, 1974, the Council unanimously resolved to opt for the title of Town Council, with its Chairperson being styled as Town Mayor. At this meeting it was further unanimously agreed to appoint Councillor Elwyn Vaughan Parry, a lifelong resident of the town - to be elected Caerwys' first Mayor.

Memorial Institute Entrance

Present Day Information On The Town Council

At the present time there are eleven members of the Caerwys Town Council, who are residents of Caerwys Town itself, together with members from the communities of Afonwen and Pen -y- Cefn. However, every Town Councillor is elected to serve the whole community. Details of meetings; The Town Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month ( except December and August ) and usually commence at 7.30 pm. Meetings are held in the Caerwys Memorial Institute ( as per photograph to the right ). But it is sometimes necessary to commence the meeting at 7.00pm. Therefore, should anyone wish to attend a meeting, please contact the Clerk to the Council to confirm the time. Non scheduled meetings are also held in an emergency or possibly in relation to an urgent planning application - especially during the months of December and August. An open meeting is held in the March of each year, when residents are welcome to attend and express their views, or ask questions on any particular subject relating to the community.

Planning Applications:

The Town Council is not a planning authority and as such does not make final decisions on planning applications; this is the responsibility of Flintshire County Council. However, the Town Council is a statutory consultee and as such receives all planning applications relating to the community. The Town Council do make their respective comments and suggestions on the planning applications, including requesting site meetings.

Street Lighting:

The street lighting in the Caerwys Town Council area, is administered jointly between the Town Council and the Flintshire County Council. The street lights on the adopted housing estate roads, are the responsibility of the Flintshire County Council. Whereas the street lighting, generally sited on the roadsides, and in particular, the streets of Caerwys Town, are the responsibility of the Caerwys Town Council.


Apart from the Llys y Pentre Estate, whereby the street lighting is the responsibility of the Flintshire County Council, all other street lights in Afonwen are administered by the Caerwys Town Council.

Caerwys Town

The following street lights are administered by the Flintshire County Council  -  Cae Delyn, Erw Las, Ffordd Angharad, Llys Pendre, Llys y Goron, Lon Syr Herbert, Lon yr Ysgol, Maes y Dre, Parc Hafod, Park Grove, St. Michael’s Close, and St. Michael’s Drive. All other street lights are the responsibility of the Caerwys Town Council.  

Pen y Cefn 

All streets lights in the Pen y Cefn area, are administered by the Caerwys Town Council.

Report a faulty street light 

Please report any identified Caerwys Town Council faulty street lights, either to a Town Councillor, or the Clerk to the Council ( contact details at botton of this page ). The street lighting that is indicated above on the various housing estates, is the responsibility of the Flintshire County Council. Please report this fault, by either calling 01352 701234, or e-mail the Street Scene Department on:   


Members Of The Town Council 


Town Mayor

Councillor Stephen G. Wilson
Telephone 07817 - 023977 


Deputy Town Mayor

Councillor Miss. Susan A. Broadaway* 
Telephone 01352 - 720897 



Councillor Stephen Copple

Telephone 01352 - 720876  


Councillor Jonathan E. Duggan-Keen (Ind)

Telephone 01352 - 720477

Councillor Mrs. Lynette M. Edwards (W/Con)
Telephone 01352 - 720531

Councillor Howard R. Griffiths
Telephone 01352 - 720640 

Councillor Ms. Carole A. Harris
Telephone 01352 - 721304 

Councillor Michael W. Moriarty*
Telephone 01352 - 720874 

Councillor Miss. Jayne E. Morris*
Telephone: 01352 - 721331 

Councillor Ms. Helen L. Priestley (Ind)
Telephone 01352 - 720338 

Councillor Miss. Carole Stephenson*
Telephone 01352 - 720522 

(Ind - Independent)

(W/Con - Welsh Conservative Party)

(*Co-opted Members)


List of Council Members who serve on Local Committees and Outside Bodies


Caerwys Memorial Institute Management Committee

Councillors' Ms. Helen L. Priestly, Stephen G. Wilson

Caerwys Town Hall Trustees

Councillor Stephen G. Wilson

Flintshire County Council - Forum  

Councillor Mike Moriarty

FLUSH Committee (Public Conveniences)

Councillor Mrs. Lynette M. Edwards


Naked Takeaway (Plastic Reduction)


Councillor Ms. Susan Broadaway 

Planning Sub Committee

All Members of The Council

North Wales Association of Town and Larger Councils

Councillor Mrs. Lynette M. Edwards
North Wales Police (Flintshire - Police and Community
Consultative Group / Neighbourhood Watch)

Councillors' Jonathan E. Duggan-Keen & Mike Moriarty

West Flintshire Town & Community Working Group

Councillor Steve Copple


All Council business, including correspondence and telephone enquiry calls, should be directed to: 

R. Phillip Parry,
Town Clerk and Financial Officer To Caerwys Town Council,
Ty Cornel,
51 St. Michael's Drive,
CH7 5BS.

Telephone: 01352  -  720547